Healthcare systems sold and deployed by the five-way partnership can be tailored to customer requirements in various countries.

Times of Malta

Four Maltese companies have partnered System C Healthcare plc, a leading software and services supplier to the UK sector, to sell and deploy healthcare systems across southern Europe and the Middle East.

CCG Software, the consultancy and software development arm of Msida-based Key IT Group, is System C’s representative and lead partner in Malta. This open-ended representation and partnership agreement has KPMG Crimsonwing, Systec and Microsoft Malta on board.

Quoted on the London Stock Exchange’s AIM, System C is a specialist in the design and development of clinical patient management and business intelligence software. Established in 1983, it provides systems implementation and consultancy to the health and social care sectors.

Its core product, the Medway suite of clinical and care management systems, is used in 40 NHS hospitals and by the private sector. Liquidlogic, a System C subsidiary, provides social care solutions to enable collaboration across the public sector with capabilities meeting the requirements of agencies working in child and adult services, domestic violence, housing and mental health. Asked whether this agreement had been affected by more recent developments in the region, System C services director John Ironmonger told The Times Business: “We’ve had a number of expressions of interest over the last few months. Obviously there are big changes going on in the Middle East at the moment. We are taking a long-term view, and waiting to see what kind of opportunities present themselves once the unrest in the region has settled. System C is interested in opportunities across the region.”

Mr Ironmonger explained Medway was developed in a language-independent architecture which enabled System C to tailor the software for customers in each country.

This agreement came about some time after CCG Software was seeking a strategic alliance with a premier health systems provider to pursue opportunities in the region. The company approached System C early last year.

“System C’s sales are primarily UK-based, but the company has various international interests and was itself looking to pursue opportunities in the region,” Mr Ironmonger said. “Malta makes sense as a geographical location for pursuing interests in southern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. On top of this, Malta is English-speaking, has high levels of IT expertise, and has one of the highest rated health services in the world. CCG Software was an ideal partner for System C because of its experience working with Malta’s Ministry of Health on an e-health portal and a community care system. KPMG Crimsonwing and Systec contribute experience and expertise in providing financial systems and infrastructure services.”

Systec, which has been heavily involved in providing Maltese authorities with hardware, network and infrastructural services, will apply its expertise to the new business won under the agreement. KPMG Crimsonwing, with its vast international track record of providing finance, resource planning and e-commerce solutions, will provide the financial applications.

Last year, System C was named Microsoft Partner of the Year for Public Sector – Health and was rewarded for innovative software delivering improved health outcomes and cost efficiency.

Mr Ironmonger added System C and CCG were now looking to develop a health portal that would provide patients with access to health records.

The two companies also planned a business and support centre in Malta as soon as the customer base developed.