KPMG Crimsonwing attains Gold competencies in new Microsoft Partner network

Sunday Times Malta

KPMG Crimsonwing, the international IT solutions provider, has achieved the Gold Competency for Enterprise Resource Planning in both Dynamics NAV and Dynamics AX, and also clinched Gold Competency for Software Development.

The company had set itself the challenging objective of achieving ‘Gold’ status in two competencies by the start of Microsoft’s new partner programme.

Microsoft has just made major changes to its partner programme and the criteria by which partners are ranked. Partners can now earn Gold or Silver Competency accreditation in specific areas of expertise.The previous Gold Partner status reflected an overall capability; the new approach enables Microsoft partners to more clearly differentiate their business capabilities and areas of specialisation.

The criteria that need to be met in order to obtain accreditation in the competencies are much more stringent Microsoft anticipates that only the larger, more skilled and more successful partners will reach the Gold Status in a competency.

Although Microsoft Partners have up to 12 months to meet the new criteria, KPMG Crimsonwing set itself the challenging objective of achieving Gold Competency status in two competencies by the start of the new programme. KPMG Crimsonwing has met this objective.

The new MPN programme aims to better differentiate the larger, more skilled Microsoft partners and KPMG Crimsonwing’s early success in achieving the new, tougher accreditation is testament to its position as a leading Microsoft partner.

Microsoft will be strongly featuring the new Microsoft Partner Network and the competencies in its marketing and communications over the coming months. While the old Microsoft Gold Partner designation will continue to be seen for the next 12 months the new MPN programme represents the leading edge of Microsoft’s relationship with its partners.

KPMG Crimsonwing solutions director Derek Linney said this was the biggest change in Microsoft’s partner programme in the past six years and represented a major challenge as Microsoft has significantly raised the bar for its partners.

“We could have waited until the dust settled on the changes and gradually adapted to the new demands of the programme,” he said.

“Instead we decided to commit the resources to meet the demanding, new accreditation criteria from day one. Achieving the Gold Competencies required extra effort from our technical staff, our project managers, our sales people and our administrators.

“We are also proud to have attained the new Silver Competency accreditations for Web Development, Portals and Collaboration, Data Platform and Learning.”

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