KPMG Crimsonwing awarded €9m contract

Business Weekly

KPMG Crimsonwing, an international IT solutions provider, developing implementation leading-edge technology has just been awarded a EUR9m contract for the provision of IT services over the next three years.The contract will be fulfilled from the KPMG Crimsonwing (Malta) solutions centre.

Contacted by this newspaper, Operations director, Pierre Zammit, said the contract was awarded by a private client based in the United Kingdom, who had already been working with KPMG Crimsonwing and was increasing its commitment. The contract came into force from 1 June and will involve software development and support services mainly using the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite and other Oracle products that the client uses extensively.
He noted that the contract brings very good prospects for the company’s future. Although it experienced no major downturn as a result of the weak global economic scenario, yet growth was not registered last year. Moreover, some 60 per cent of its clients are in the UK and the downturn in the Sterling’s exchange rate had also left its effect.

However, the award of this contract is expected to result in growth. As in the past years, KPMG Crimsonwing is currently recruiting BSc IT graduates. Four persons have been employed over the past weeks and the company is expecting to recruit a number of other persons in the near future.