Federation for physiotherapists portals go live

December 16th 2013 was the day that the Dutch federation for physiotherapists went live with the new HTML5 portals. They now use the Dynamics for Membership (DfM) HTML 5 portals to offer their members self-service functionalities.

Physiotherapists can utilise the portals to view and manage personal details, membership settings, trainings and events. Contacts of the practices also have access and are able to look up and/or adjust the information of the practice and the employee list through the organisation portal. In addition to implementing these standard features, the KPMG Crimsonwing team has also spent the last three months building the HTML 5 portals in order to support the very specific processes of the federation. This includes amongst other things: being able to specify where you are employed as a physiotherapist, registering for an IOF (group consults) and viewing your point page. The point pages are the most frequently visited pages up to now. Through the new portal, a therapist is now able to view if he or she meets the total point requirements to stay a therapist as part of their ongoing professional development.

Each year in the Netherlands, the majority of physiotherapists must complete a self-reflection test. Last year, KPMG Crimsonwing was able to realise this requirement using a standard questionnaire and the enterprise portal functionality. The standard enterprise portal functionality did however not meet the expectations of the federation. We therefore built a unique questionnaire page within the DfM HTML5 framework, which in turn is linked to the existing functionalities in the back office of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. This solution can also be implemented in organisations that do not use the Dynamics for Membership solution.

This was the second time the DfM portal was implemented. Experience has shown that the portals are a robust solution to expose Microsoft Dynamics AX to members of the organisation. KPMG Crimsonwing is able to offer an HTML5 solution that is fast, stable, and up to the standards of the current expectations of users. The DfM framework basically makes  Microsoft Dynamics AX available online and has the potential to be incorporated into other projects. With it being very versatile, it can even be used with clients that are active in different sectors other than membership organisations.

Since day 1 of the DfM HTML5 portals going live, we have received a lot of enthusiastic responses from both the employees and members of the federation. The efficiency and quality of service to members has significantly improved with the new DFM portals. In 2014 KNFG will keep investing in new functionalities in order to increase the service to its members and decrease the burden of membership administration.

The implementation has been a collaboration with the ISV team in Malta and graphic designs have been done by Jasper de Ridder. On average, the portals attract around 800 visitors a day.


Create your own test account in our demo environment and take a look around! http://html5.testportal.promentum.nl