KPMG Crimsonwing achieves Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation

Great news: Interface Portal is now officially Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX! With this, the KPMG Crimsonwing ISV solution has obtained the highest ranking for a Microsoft partner software solution.

Microsoft sets the bar high with their Certified for Microsoft Dynamics accreditation – it distinguishes a small selection of proven and recommended business solutions from thousands of other solutions that do not meet the same rigorous demands.

The Certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX classification implies that Interface Portal is:

  • Designed to meet unique business and industry needs;
  • Tested for integration with the Microsoft Dynamics product;
  • Used and recommended by other companies;
  • Professionally implemented and systematically supported.

When choosing for a solution that is Certified for Microsoft Dynamics, you have the proof you need.

Eager to learn more about what the solution does exactly? Take a look at Interface Portal >