KPMG Crimsonwing grows stronger with 13 certified Intershop 7 developers

We are very proud to announce that no less than 13 KPMG Crimsonwing developers have successfully taken and passed Intershop’s certification exam for the product’s latest release, Intershop 7. The release of this new version last year has prompted the renewal of KPMG Crimsonwing’s Intershop certification process. This comes as evidence of our Company’s ambition to continuously provide training to our staff members. Indeed, it is crucial for us as well as our clients to ensure that our technical experts have access to all the knowledge they need to continue excelling.

Intershop were amongst the very first eCommerce solutions providers and they have since built on a long history of excellence and supported global online business growth. As a long-standing Intershop partner, KPMG Crimsonwing has delivered Intershop to many successful businesses through effective, multi-channel online shops.

The goal of the Intershop Certified Professional Program is to validate the skills of technology professionals and ensure their ability to deploy top notch applications with Intershop products. As such, certified developers are guaranteed to possess an extensive knowledge of the architecture and functionality of the solution.

Hence, hats off to our guys who had to go through 10 days of intensive training before taking the actual Intershop 7 certification exam:

  • Benjamin AxiaqIntershop Certified Team Malta news
  • Clayton Saliba
  • George Azzopardi
  • Goran Prokic
  • Horace Cassar
  • Jonathan Tabone
  • Kevin Pace
  • Mario Gauci
  • Mark DeGiorgio
  • Roderick Theuma
  • Sebastian Fresta
  • Steven Caruana
  • Warren Zahra

Steven Caruana, one of the certified Intershop developers commented, “To me being Intershop Certified means that I can provide prospective clients with peace of mind that as a team we are technically competent in the core technologies that they need.Benjamin Axiaq continued, “the best international clients prefer to work with Intershop Certified companies, as knowing that their system is being developed by certified personnel gives them the assurance that they are paying for a job being well done.Goran Prokic, another certified Intershop developer, concluded “Clients are assured that the quality of services provided are of first-rate Intershop standard.”

Our Head of eBusiness Solutions, Nicolai Dalli, congratulated his team on their efforts and said “Our primary objective is to deliver quality solutions, on budget and on time. We believe that having trained personnel is key to meet these objectives. Our expertise in the field ensures that we always deliver excellent eCommerce solution to our clients”.

With such a high number of developers certified in the latest version of Intershop, we can give our clients the confidence to know that their eCommerce requirements are in the best hands. So again, congratulations to all certificates holders!