KPMG Crimsonwing’s seminar on ERP vs MIS

On Thursday, the 2nd of February 2012, KPMG Crimsoning held their inaugural seminar at the Microsoft Conference Centre in Central London. This event was specifically targeted at companies within the print industry with the objective to create some awareness around Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems and what they have to offer over and above the more traditional MIS systems, which are widely used in the print industry.


During the half-day event, guests were first invited to hear from Bob Davies from the British Print Industry Federation who gave an inspiring talk about the industry’s progresses and its ever growing potential, together with his colleague Garry Mellor from Vision in Print.

Jaap Schram de Jong, Director at KPMG Crimsonwing, then gave a detailed presentation on ERP v MIS within the print industry, highlighting the differences between the two and illustrating the strengths and advantages that an ERP System can provide to a Print Business. ERP allows all segments and activities of a business to be united and coordinated from one single platform, thus offering an end-to-end overview of the company.

Following that, Chris Burn from AGFA also took some time to talk about “The Imposition Dilemma” and how pre-press integration can be optimised for printers.

And finally, Gavin Tye, Print Consultant at KPMG Crimsonwing, rounded off the presentations with a 30 minute talk about the Stephen & George Case Study – a great example of a successful ERP implementation with Microsoft Dynamics NAV PrintVis. Stephens & George is one of the biggest Print Groups in the UK. This case study illustrates that a well installed and well managed ERP System offers a rapid Return on Investment as well as a long term vision for ambitious businesses. Please feel free to download the case study Here.

The sessions were followed by a networking session over lunch, where we received very positive and encouraging feedback. Many thanks to everyone who helped to pull off the event – and of course thanks to everyone who joined us for the seminar!

If you think that an ERP System might be of interest to help your business grow, our competent team at KPMG Crimsonwing would be delighted to hear from you! Please contact us for a FREE demonstration of our Microsoft Dynamics NAV PrintVis product as well as for a FREE ROI Analysis of your business.