Leading packaging product distributor’s internet sales increase by 11% – thanks to eCommerce strategy

At the end of 2010, KPMG Crimsonwing delivered a leading packaging distributor with a new eCommerce webshop. The company was looking to improve its online presence and visibility as well as providing their customers with an enhanced user experience. This was achieved by implementing an eBusiness interface which is fully integrated with their existing IT infrastructure. We provided them with a complex eCommerce solution based on the Magento Enterprise Platform, creating a function-rich solution as well as a platform allowing them to react faster to their customer’s needs.

Magento Solution Partner Gold LogoThe client is a dominant player within its industry sector, holding a market share of around 20%. Its Packaging Distribution arm is its principal business segment delivering over 80% of group turnover and profit. At KPMG Crimsonwing we are very pleased to see how much the company’s internet-based sales have increased, after having implemented their eCommerce solution on Magento Enterprise just a little more than a year ago.

The new web platform has helped their web-based revenue grow by 11% compared to 2010, which is a great result in such an uncertain market.

In 2011, the Packaging Distribution business continued to grow its overall sales by around 7% versus 2010, with operational profit growing by 3%.

The company’s eCommerce webshop, built on Magento Enterprise, has indisputably encouraged the overall growth of the Group, providing them with greater market presence and an efficient online interface. In a customer satisfaction survey, 85% of the client’s customers have indeed rated their services as above average, with 41% of their service as excellent.

The strategic decision to adopt Magento has provided the company with the functionality to help drive such great success. The open source solution has provided features such as real-time integration to their Enterprise Resource Planning System (ASW) for even more accurate order and fulfilment management. Another key feature is a custom built CRM, allowing considerable customer data enrichment and therefore supporting the company in developing closer relationships with their customers.

As a B2B specialist, KPMG Crimsonwing implements unique solutions for unique businesses and takes pride in helping similar companies develop their potential to an ever-growing range.

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