Magento Enterprise: edition 1.12 is now available!

For this new version, the enhancements developed by Magento have been designed to help merchants improve the customer experience of their online stores by providing users with a more personalised shopping journey.

Magento Solution Partner Gold LogoThanks to benefits such as easier order placement, mobile optimisation and multiple wish lists, our eCommerce clients are given greater potential to boost consumer engagement, increase conversions and transaction size as well as foster brand loyalty!
All online shops, including B2B businesses, will also be able to take advantage of improved customer segmentation and ordering capabilities.

wish-list-image-newsIf compared to the previous Magento Enterprise Edition 1.11, the 1.12 takes the online consumer experience to the next level in terms of quality and flexibility. At the same time, merchants gain ever more insight into their customers’ behaviour.Tools such as multiple wish lists not only allow shoppers to save their favourite products to various lists, but it also allows merchants to review these lists in order to learn more about their customers’ wants and needs.

For greater flexibility and visibility across online businesses, this latest Magento Enterprise Edition also introduces a new set of algorithms for price-layered navigation. A range of prices can now be displayed, giving merchants better control of customers’ search results, as well as helping customers find what they’re looking for faster. Always in the spirit of improving both customers’ online experience and client insight, an auto-generation of unique coupons codes for each promotion can now be run and exported for offline distribution, email, newsletters and more.

eu-regulation-image-newsLast but not least, Magento Enterprise Edition 1.12 also brings a response to the recent EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive thanks to a new cookie notification feature that simplifies the compliance process. Once enabled, a message at the top of the storefront informs site visitors about the cookie policy and prompts them to accept or decline.

Once again Magento takes eCommerce features to the next level, so if you think your business could benefit from an improved eCommerce platform, contact KPMG Crimsonwing, one of the leading Magento Partners in the UK.