Magento u – Magento’s new professional training program

Magento U is designed to provide not just Magento Partners, but also the partners’ customers with the basic and advanced knowledge they need to maximize their success using Magento.

Magento continues to enable the Magento eco-system with training and education:

  • Training will be developed for business users, developers, designers and system administrators
  • Learning paths will be created with instructional design principles to enable job skills
  • Magento is planning to work with partners to be able to develop and deliver training courses
  • Magento has started to pull together an Advisory Board for Magento developer certification
  • Three courses are being offered starting February 28th, 2011 for business users, developers and designers
  • Course descriptions, a schedule of classes, pricing and registration information is available on the Magento U website.

Classes are held either on-site in LA and Brussles, and some of them are also held online.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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