Membership organisations 2.0 event held in the Netherlands

On the 5th March, more than 50 membership organisations gathered at the stunning “Kontakt der Kontinenten” hotel in the Netherlands for the first ever KPMG Crimsonwing NL breakfast seminar. The theme was “Membership Organisations 2.0″, and was aimed specifically at directors, management and board members of sports associations and federations as well as (medical) professional organisations. The seminar focused on addressing the challenges the industry faces, how the membership landscape is changing, as well as looking at ways to tackle those challenges. Overall the event was a great success and the audience, as well as the speakers, had a very interactive and productive morning. 


During the seminar KPMG Crimsonwing, along with several inspirational speakers, approached the problems in the current market. Huub Stammes, director of the Dutch Trekking Association, presented his top 5 trends in the membership industry. KNHS (the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy) and NOC*NSF (the Dutch Olympic Committee) were asked to share their views on these 5 trends and shed light on the challenges they face.

KPMG Crimsonwing asked those present to write down their own top 3 challenges within their organisations and turned the results into a benchmark. It became clear that the majority of the present membership organisations are faced with the very same obstacles. The five most frequently mentioned challenges were:

  1. the added value of the business model,
  2. innovations within the organisation
  3. retaining and motivating members
  4. dialogue with members, and
  5. the growth of membership numbers.

Would you like to receive more information on the benchmark? Don’t hesitate to contact us.