Membership organisations: Attract and Retain Members Seminar

KPMG Crimsonwing, Precedent and Microsoft were pleased to host a seminar for membership organisations on Wednesday the 2nd of July. Guests from organisations as varied as Charities, Industry Organisations, Professional Institutes or Trade Unions all joined us in London Victoria for a morning event, during which we discussed the challenges membership organisations face, identified the opportunities they have and finally, learnt from real-life case studies.

Speakers from the British Medical Association (BMA), Charity In Kind Direct as well as the Royal Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) came along and presented the different ways their organisations face not only their members increasing demands, but also the increasing competition for new members. From social media, to data management to IT systems, all spoke about their dedication to their members and the structural changes they had to go through to maintain their leading positions.

Although operating in very different industries, all three organisations had to come to the conclusion at some point that to better serve their members, they needed to better function as businesses. The BMA thus invested, and keep investing in their new website with improved information architecture, design and CMS to increasingly move towards community and mobile engagement.

In Kind Direct adopted an eCommerce model, integrated with a business to better serve the charity they partner with: by having an end to end streamline process and better visibility over stocks, they can now not only service the charities much quicker but also track all their products and ensure that they are properly distributed.

The KNHS also went through a major structural remodelling phase in order to maintain their membership standards, as expected by their +210 000 members. To do so they worked with KPMG Crimsonwing on a solution based on Dynamics for Membership, a membership solution developed by the IT solutions provider. Tailored specifically for subscription based organisations, Dynamics for Membership amalgamates business processes in one easy to use system using online web portals, centralised database and a solid CRM system.

In a very popular presentation, Precedent demonstrated ways to use the latest digital-first tactics like social media and to anticipate immediate, short, mid and long-term major change. Using real-life examples, Lindsay, Precedent’s Global Head of Digital, stressed the need for organisations to tie in their activities and reactivity to what’s happening around them: in their organisation, their industry, but also everywhere else around them!

Questions and comments were flying after each presentation, making it a very interactive morning. Case studies and presentations are available for download on the event page – please feel free to go get them!