Motivation for Innovation internal initiative

KPMG Crimsonwing Malta has declared Kevin Formosa as the winner of the Motivation For Innovation (MFI) internal incentive. This MFI incentive was launched in Autumn of last year, and its objective is to give a Research and Development Laboratory twist to the company. At KPMG Crimsonwing  we believe that everyone has the potential to come up with new ideas and inventions. Even whilst working on the team projects and sweating to meet deadlines, each of us could have ideas that could be well-worth sharing and developing. We believe that all employees can commit to a higher purpose within the company, and that such an initiative keeps employees challenged and in the flow. Furthermore, the company wishes to reward employees for investigating additional challenges in their free time and implementing solutions that address them. It is no secret that a number of solutions that changed the world, like Facebook started as side projects from enthusiasts who were passionate about technology and invested their time to develop them.

…because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who doSteve Jobs

Motivation for innovation 2Kevin Formosa commented as follows, after being declared the winner of the first leg since this the initiative has been launched: “Photography is my hobby and some time ago I decided to do a short movie/timelapse project. I needed a way to capture footage which is not shaky (stabilized). There are quite a number of hardware solutions available on the market but they are all quite pricey (over €600). Having a good background in electronics and hardware, I decided to create a stabilized rig which allowed me to capture smooth motion on camera for a lesser price. I used a gimbal (holds the camera) with 2 D.C. motors; 1 on each axis – pitch and roll. A controller will actuate the motors to counter-act any movement by the rig, thus keeping the camera level. A 3-axis gyro placed on the gimbal is used to provide input for the controller. I added a knob (actually a potentiometer) to allow me to correct the level offset, i.e. moving the camera up and down according to my needs – just pointing the rig up/down won’t help since the controller tries to counter-act any movement. This allowed me to capture more dynamic shots. On the rig I have placed a monitor that allows me to see what is being captured (for framing purposes) and to be able to playback the footage. Total cost amounted to roughly €300-400 which is way cheaper than something similar on the market, with very good results. My intention is to slightly modify this rig further to have 3-axis stabilization – roll, pitch and yaw (currently only pitch and roll are stabilized) similar to the MōVI (by FreeflySystems) at a much cheaper cost – the MōVI costs over €4000.

Motivation for innovation 1

   “Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” Isaac Asimov