News about Magento – Product Announcements and Updates

During the Imagine Conference in LA, which David attended and blogged about, Magento made a number of announcements for the community, partners, users alike. In this news item, we introduce those new product announcements and updates briefly.

Magento Go will take you places

Magento Go is an online service that helps small and emerging businesses build a powerful store to sell your products and services online, quickly and easily. With Magento Go there is no software to install and configure and no servers to manage. We handle the technology so you can focus on running and growing your online business. It provides merchants with a robust platform at a cost that any small business can afford. Magento Go includes these key benefits:

  • magento-go-logoComplete Design Control
  • Industry-Leading SEO
  • Powerful Coupon and Discount Tools
  • Support for Multiple Languages and Currencies
  • PCI Level-1 certified solution
  • Full email and/or phone support by our team of experts

But that’s not all!

Magento Go platform

magento-go-platform-logoMagento also introduced the Magento Go Platform, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution that will enable developers to build applications for Magento Go, just as you have built for our deployed editions. The energy and creativity of the Magento development community meets the SaaS environment, that’s what the Magento Go Platform is all about!

With Magento Go and the Magento Go Platform, they are extending the Magento ecosystem to the cloud. Moreover, Magento Go Apps will work both on SaaS and deployed products – Community, Professional, and Enterprise Edition – enabling developers to write applications once and deploy them across all of Magento’s solutions.

And with the launch of Magento Go, Magento introduced a $1 Million Dollar eCommerce Stimulus Fund! The fund is designed to help small and emerging businesses beat the down economy by launching an online store, or upgrading their online store platform. Merchants can get a FREE online store for an entire year. Yes, we’ll pay your bills for one year!

Magento Enterprise 1.10…

… was released at Imagine. A suite of new features covering added functionality in both administrative and front-end capabilities. Some of the new features include:

  • Enhanced import and export functionality with up to 40 products/second
  • Major enhancements to the call center functionality for all product types and configurations
  • Enhanced payment functionality
  • Added capabilities for wishlist functionality, assisted shopping for customers and an improved shopping cart experience
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The new version is now fully incorporated by KPMG Crimsonwing. To read more about the new Version 1.10, please click here.

The way forward

Magento continues to invest in performance enhancements. They will soon release support for MSSQL and Oracle in Enterprise. Magento is also working on integrating business intelligence (BI) tools and enhanced reporting capabilities. They will enhance their capabilities in return and exchange management as well as adding support for new payment gateways and additional capabilities for the Magento Payment Bridge. Mobile source code for Android and iPad will be available later this year.

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