Survey finds that Magento is preferred eCommerce platform

In February 2012, Tom Robertshaw, Managing Director at Meanbee Limited, has conducted a survey researching the most successful eCommerce platform on the market. The survey found 33,632 eCommerce sites within the global web metric provider Alexa Top 1 Million. The survey visited each eCommerce site and analyses the HTML document against a set of rules that detect the use of any one of 40 different eCommerce platforms.

The results showed that the most popular platform was Magento, with 6,795 sites, a 20% share of eCommerce stores found. Magento has seen a staggering growth-rate, increasing in popularity by over 21% in the last 4 months alone:


With 4,042 sites in total, Zen Cart still retains an honourable good second position. Following closely is VirtueMart with 3914 sites. While osCommerce has lost sites in previous surveys, it gains a significant number of sites this month, up to 3,199.

Turning to the top 100K busiest sites according to Alexa, 1,655 eCommerce stores were detected. In this section of the survey more enterprise-focussed shopping cart solutions are expected. The results again show that Magento continues to have the most stores in the top 100K, with 345 stores: