KPMG Crimsonwing implement Microsoft Dynamics AX at manufacturer and distributor of food products

KPMG Crimsonwing (Malta) has recently been undertaken to install Microsoft’s Dynamics AX financial accounting system at a well-known Maltese manufacturer and distributor of food products . The client manufactures food products, runs convenience food shops, and manages a number of franchise operations under their name. As operations grew over the years, plans were prepared for the implementation of an enterprise resource planning solution that caters for their diverse business interests.

KPMG Crimsonwing is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with many years of experience, both locally and internationally, in the implementation and enhancement of the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, which is widely known to be Microsoft’s flagship ERP system. AX has proven to be a success with several local customers for whom the IT specialist has implemented an AX solution previously. KPMG Crimsonwing also reaffirm their belief in the product by using it themselves.

In this project, Dynamics AX will replace the accounting system currently in use within the client organisation. Furthermore, it needs to be integrated with Retail Pro, a point of sales (POS) system available on the local market from a third party. The installation will cover the full trading cycle, including the Sales Ledger, Purchases Ledger, Bank Accounts, General Ledger and VAT. Through the integration with Retail Pro, as soon as the next day, the solution will allow for visibility of all sales and purchases across the various outlets using the POS system.

A second phase, to start after the initial implementation, will extend the functionality even further to cover stock, production and a portal enabling store orders to be sent directly to the organisation’s head office for fulfilment. This will make the distributor and manufacturer of food products the first organisation in Malta to have the full manufacturing cycle running on AX, which puts them at the forefront of technological business optimization and gives them a major competitive advantage. This clearly signposts the way ahead for the local market and businesses.

There are various reasons why the client chose Microsoft Dynamics AX in order to modernize their accounting system and prepare themselves for the future. First of all, AX supports sophisticated inter-company accounts and reports, which are a must for a hierarchical group of companies. Secondly, it permits centralised payments to suppliers and posting of salary costs across all the companies, all from the holding company. This simplifies processes within the group and enables them to reduce administration overheads. Thirdly, it is Microsoft’s flagship product to support the manufacturing industry. This provides a guarantee of support, enhancements and improvements in the future. In fact, Microsoft has recently added an AX vertical specifically designed for food manufacturing to the list of industry solutions available.

Apart from this, there are the advantages of working with KPMG Crimsonwing, a company with extensive experience of local requirements. The development team will be able to take advantage of the product’s inbuilt flexibility to make all the necessary adjustments through configuration changes. There is no customisation required to meet local market regulations, e.g. applying variable VAT rates and posting of VAT on a cash basis. KPMG Crimsonwing will also provide training on the product to key staff that will be using the solution. This type of service is to be expected from a company, whose customer solutions have won many awards, including Solution Provider of the Year and the National Business Awards.

Stephen Abela, KPMG Crimsonwing Head of Dynamics, commented “Our client has chosen a product, which will serve them very well as a solid foundation for their future plans and business requirements. AX is very flexible and comes with a guarantee of future support. It is an excellent choice for local companies that have a hierarchical company structure and a growth strategy. At the same time, the licensing model of AX is based on concurrent users, so it has a low entry price similar to other Dynamics products in Microsoft’s ERP suite. Customers will achieve a better ROI with AX, as customizations are kept to the minimum, making upgrades less costly. The fact that we will cater for the company’s local requirements simply through configuration of the product says it all. This product is a great solution, empowering the company for many years to come.”

The client’s  Group Finance Officer, stated “the implementation of Microsoft’s Dynamics AX will facilitate the integration of key business functions that help in the performance of innovative manufacturing and operational processes. AX caters resourcefully for complex operations of individual entities, and for the network of transactions within the group, giving management visibility across the various businesses, and assistance in the standardisation of processes facilitating the efficient application of resources.”


About KPMG Crimsonwing

KPMG Crimsonwing is an international business & IT solutions provider that supports organisations in business transformations enabled by technology. Our work focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce and IT integration. Using our business and IT expertise we can help automate and transform organisations with the established business technology solutions of Microsoft, Intershop and Magento and a wide range of professional services.

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About the client

Established in 1900, we are a family run concern which throughout the years has consistently sought to combine a respect for tradition with technological innovation, with an eye on the changing tastes and needs of our customers. We have an undying passion for the Maltese bread loaf, which we still continue to bake in the way the company’s founders did more than a century ago. We seek to offer you freshly baked bread at any time of the day, with at least five deliveries being made daily to each of our outlets. Through our outlets we have forged a closer link with you, our customer. This has helped us keep abreast of changing culinary trends and lifestyles, something which is reflected in an ample product portfolio of other baked and frozen products, all underlined by our commitment to quality and value. Considered one of Malta’s leading bakery brands, we today offers you a wide selection of freshly baked bread, frozen products, snacks and desserts. The way our products reach you has also been tailor-made to fit your needs. Apart from being accessible in a number of locations through our various outlets around the islands, where the opening times have been tailored to your convenience, now you can also order your products online by means of this website.