KPMG Crimsonwing provide promotional products supplier with eCommerce Solution

One of the global market leaders in premium gifts and promotional products has agreed with KPMG Crimsonwing on a new and exciting eCommerce project. The project, directed by KPMG Crimsonwing, consists of a B2B webshop based on Intershop, an integration with SAP and the implementation and integration of a new Project Information management (PIM) system.

During the preliminary phase of the project it became clear that the complexity of promotional products supplier’s processes could not be captured in one single system. As an ERP and eCommerce specialist, KPMG Crimsonwing suggested working with a ‘best-of-breed’ solution, in which different systems are selected for different processes. As general contractor, KPMG Crimsonwing is responsible for the coordination of these different projects. KPMG Crimsonwing is additionally in charge of the development of the Intershop solution for the client’s  B2B platform.

For the supplier of premium gifts and promotional products, this project crucial in maintaining and expanding the leading position in the market of premium gifts. The main focus areas of the project are the flexibility in responding to changes in the market, adding a Web2Print functionality and increasing the service to customers


About KPMG Crimsonwing

KPMG Crimsonwing is an international business & IT solutions provider that supports organisations in business transformations enabled by technology. Our work focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), eCommerce and IT integration. Using our business and IT expertise we can help automate and transform organisations with the established business technology solutions of Microsoft, Intershop and Magento and a wide range of professional services.

KPMG Crimsonwing consists of more than 350 skilled employees, offers 24/7 support services and has a near-shore centre in Malta. Together with KPMG’s global network of member firms clients can benefit from a broad professional palette of business services, enabled by technology. 

About the client

With over 45 years of experience, the client is one of the leading wholesalers in the European market of premium gifts and promotional products. Worldwide, they serve more then 10,000 distributors and sends their promotional products with a personalized touch within 24 hours. With 7 regional sales offices, two strategically placed warehouses and their own printing facility in Poland, the company is able to distribute a wide collection, complemented with a balanced range of textiles.