KPMG Crimsonwing Dynamics AX team

Part of the Microsoft Dynamics range, AX is one of our fastest growing business areas. Besides the exciting times ahead, what does it mean to be part of the AX team?

Global Systems Integrator (GSI) and Microsoft Global Alliance

In 2015, Crimsonwing was acquired by KPMG and was rebranded KPMG Crimsonwing. The acquisition has made KPMG the largest ‘big four’ provider in Europe of Microsoft Dynamics consulting and implementation services. Moreover:

  • KPMG is recognised by Microsoft as one of 6 Global Systems Integrators, with KPMG being one of the strongest out of the six GSIs in Microsoft Business Solutions globally.
  • Microsoft and KPMG have a unique Global Alliance that maps to several areas but with focus on Microsoft Business Solutions (Microsoft Dynamics and Cloud). More details:
  • KPMG is a Microsoft “Managed Partner” where a number of Microsoft executives and business managers dedicate a significant percentage of their time for KPMG.

KPMG Crimsonwing Malta solution centre

KPMG_Crimsonwing_Malta_office_800x440KPMG Crimsonwing currently operates in the UK, the Netherlands and Malta. The office in Malta serves as a solution centre with a core focus on developing and implementing solutions in Europe, as well as penetrating new markets such as North America. Therefore, highly skilled Information Technology (IT) people form the backbone of the Malta office.

More about the advantages of working and living in Malta.

Team Collaboration and Technology Exposure

Collaboration between various members is encouraged and expected. Some of our collaboration activities include:

  • Regular meetings to keep everyone updated on various team members’ progress and a chance to support each other and share knowledge/experiences.
  • A number of collaboration tools such as Skype for Business, SharePoint, Web portals and others.
  • Exposure to the latest technologies with hands-on experience in project management and implementation. Examples include: Azure/Cloud, Various Dynamics Platforms (including AX and CRM), new Microsoft acquisitions and related technologies.
  • Access to unannounced Microsoft tools and technologies (under NDA) allowing us to stay ahead of competition.

Training and certification

Every person receives online and/or classroom-based training. Continuous training is encouraged and costs are covered by KPMG Crimsonwing.

Investment in our people is the only way through which we believe our company can grow.

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