PrintWeek: Stephens & George discuss the ERP/MIS solution they “couldn’t cope without.”

“It controls everything we do. We really feel that we’ve got a unique edge on maybe what our competitors have,” says S&G technical manager Michael Donovan.




KPMG Crimsonwing client, Stephens & George, was recently featured in PrintWeek where they discussed the impact that Dynamics NAV/PrintVis has had on their business over the past 9 years.  Since that time, they’ve gone from having a variety of disparate home-built solutions into a streamlined single source of information.

In his discussion with PrintWeek, Technical Manager, Michael Donovan covered off the myriad benefits that Stephens & George have experienced since implementing NAV, including:

  • Joined up thinking & simplified reporting:  Through connecting every department – from management, HR, quality, accounts, payroll to purchasing.  
  • Faster production: Previously, they had around 600 invoices and would finish on the 15th of the month. Now, they’ve doubled that amount and are finished with invoicing by the 2nd day of the month.
  • Better stock management: The system gives everything a unique ID enabling Stephens & George to analyse its stock levels at any point. This has increased the accuracy considerably, reporting within less than £1,000 out of what is probably half a million pounds’ worth of stock.

Read all of Michael’s considered feedback on the impact of their system in PrintWeek:


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