The project

In 2006, KPMG Crimsonwing was commissioned to develop a new application called Immedia, which is an eProcurement solution, based on the Intershop platform. With its new IT solution up and running, the business process outsourcing company has been able to deliver all of its purchasing activity on a single platform, now integrated to their back-office finance and management information systems.

Client information

The client is a business process outsourcing company, specialising in Corporate Information Solutions. They work with the way organisations communicate and exchange their printed and electronic information with internal and external audiences. It is a £450m company employing over 7,000 staff across Europe, the US and Asia Pacific.

Background and Requirements

The business process outsourcing company required a single eProcurement solution that could support their business processes for the sourcing, commissioning and purchasing of print-related products and services required by the business and their clients. The company already had in place a number of systems. What was required was a new solution which would improve processes overall and be more cost-effective. It was necessary to integrate client-facing activities with back-office finance and management systems. Providing all the relevant management information effectively was also required.

The solution

KPMG Crimsonwing developed an eProcurement solution, branded Immedia by the client. This is built on the Intershop Enfinity platform and Procurement Channel to deliver all forms of procurement practised by the business process outsourcing company in a single solution. Enfinity provided the basic platform and through bespoke development on the platform KPMG Crimsonwing was able to fulfill all requirements. All enhancements were met with excellent feedback from site users and the robust architecture is scalable and resilient to fail over.

Business benefits

For the business process outsourcing company’s clients, the solution brought significant changes. Their built-in approval processes ensure visibility of requisitions prior to creating purchase orders and all order activity is automatically captured and made available in useful formats for further discussions. Their vendor management team can now see detailed ordering activity down to purchase order line for every supplier and can manipulate this information for themselves to make decisions on suppliers and for negotiations on new contractual agreements.

Their finance team has much greater visibility of financial commitments – seeing purchase order and goods received information before supplier invoices arrive. Although financially difficult to measure, these benefits amount to significant improvements to the way people can do their daily jobs. During one year after the implementation in October 2004, the business process outsourcing company placed over 24,000 orders for goods and services. The project has been acknowledged as their best technology implementation ever. “Our efforts to create a truly market-leading solution were publicly recognised, and we can now officially talk about our ‘award-winning’ Immedia solution.” IT Director. Working with Malta based IT solution centre, the company’s IT Director has commented: “I am really pleased with how well the off-shore model with Malta has worked. The combination of the solution architect working on requirements with us locally, my team going to Malta to explain these to the team directly and strong processes on change control has proved highly effective”.