The project

The Dutch federation of equestrian sports is one of the largest federations in the Netherlands with over 210 000 members. The extensive amount of information they collect needs to be processed accordingly. In order to do this, they chose a strong and reliable solution: Microsoft Dynamics AX. This ERP platform, together with the Dynamics for Membership solution, proved to be the best fit to support the complex membership administration of the equestrian sports federation and fulfilling the expectations of their members and affiliated organisations.

Client information

The equestrian federation was created between 2001 and 2005 in a merger of eight equestrian disciplines. All riders are requested to register with the federation to be able to attend equestrian competitions. The federation is made of 11 regions, which are divided into circles of multiple organisations. The disciplines affiliated to the federation are as follows: dressage, show jumping, eventing, endurance, carriage driving, driving, vaulting and reining. Nationally the equestrian federation is affiliated to the NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation) and internationally to the international equestrian federation Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI).

Background and Requirements

When the equestrian sports federation was created, their IT applications were managed in house, with no external support. The system controlled a large membership administration, starting licenses, pedigrees, competitions, training, invoicing, accountancy, as well as monitored the well-being of the horses. The federation organise 7000 competitions and 900 000 starts each year, hence a failing IT system would cause huge chaos. The system was also crucial for all associated equestrians as it kept track of their ranking and results.

The system we worked with was extremely dated. If it had crashed, we would have had nothing left to rely on. To continue with this system was unacceptable. The risk was just too high”.

Nannet Aarts, Controller at the equestrian sports federation.

Business challenges

  • Need for a system that can manage a large administration
  • Processing events and match results and informing members
  • Doing the billing and accounting from a single application
  • Processing memberships, starter license, pedigrees and competitions

The solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX and the Dynamics for Membership solution were chosen by the equestrian sports federation because together, they offer a reliable IT platform capable of support the modules necessary for an equestrian federation. As standard, Microsoft Dynamics AX offers functionalities for the financial department, HR, billing and the possibility to apply Enterprise portal web modules. All of which communicate within one database and one application. This made for a solid base for the membership modules as well as for the development of modules adapted to the equestrian disciplines.

Phased implementation

The project started in 2005 and in order to keep the implementation organised and manageable for the federation, the project adopted a phased implementation approach. As a result, the synchronisation between the old system and Microsoft Dynamics AX, the existing activities continued without problems and the implementation ran smoothly. The project was successfully finalised in 2009 and KPMG Crimsonwing has acted as single point of contact for all IT matters since.


Microsoft Dynamics AX provided the equestrian sports federation with not only a reliable IT platform, but also with a solid base for developing specific additional modules for equestrian disciplines: the Dynamics for Membership solution offers a number of additional functionalities, such as member management, event registration, associated tracking and web portals. For the implementation, KPMG Crimsonwing extensively studied the complex rules of horse riding. Instead of writing a program for processing all the rules for horses, events, members and competitions, KPMG Crimsonwing used a flexible business rule engine. With this module, the federation can check and control the follow up of these rules, and when required, take action. The system is flexible, so changes in the rules can easily be made. This approach by KPMG Crimsonwing seemed to be the breakthrough in the project and was crucial for the overall solution.

Business benefits

The equestrian sports federation is now able to offer their affiliated organisations and 210 000 members a reliable IT platform, at everyone’s convenience. Furthermore, Microsoft Dynamics AX reports more useful information than the previous system used to. This means that the provision of information has greatly improved, and the overall system efficiency with it. Complex administrative processes are simplified, back office workload has decreased and operational costs have been lowered.

Their members have also shown to be extremely satisfied and have particularly taken to one of the main benefits of the implementation of Dynamics for Membership: its self-service capabilities. Members can now simultaneously login and register changes themselves, while the management is centrally done and controlled by the federation.

Last but not least, with the new IT platform, our organisation has avoided loss of reputation and made the equestrian the “innovator” in the field of IT”.

Nannet Aarts.


  • Reliable IT platform that can be managed easily
  • Processing competitions and run events smoothly
  • Joined departments can edit information while the main branch has control
  • Effective and cost efficient, less people needed to manage the system