The project

Back in January 2010, the KPMG Crimsonwing eCommerce team delivered its first Magento Enterprise solution for UK’s leading direct supplier for industrial flooring and building maintenance. The solution provides a strategic platform and single platform to streamline internal processes, increase sales and provide ever more product information to organisation’s customers. The solution, which is providing numerous functional highlights, also includes real-time integration with their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform, for order injection and pricing.

Client information

Established for over 75 years, this company is now the leading direct supplier for building maintenance, floor coatings and anti-slip products in the UK, whose sales network spans the globe. Their continued investment in innovative new products, supported by a dedicated technical advice team, has enabled them to meet the needs of their customers. They  pride themselves on the quality of their products and service, which is represented by achieving the ISO 9001 standard certificate.

Background and Requirements

Following an extensive selection process, the industrial floor manufacturer chose KPMG Crimsonwing to deliver their new eCommerce platform, based on the Magento Enterprise edition. Time to delivery was a key driver, and after a business requirements gathering exercise, KPMG Crimsonwing delivered the new solution in a 6 week development window, followed by extensive user acceptance and integration testing. The first delivered site forms the baseline site for the industrial floor manufacturer, with 3 further sites for France, Germany and Ireland launched in the first quarter of 2010.

Magento, the eCommerce solution, is acknowledged by the famous technology and market research company, Forrester, as a player to watch, since it currently supports over 125,000 merchants worldwide. Being based on open standards and using PHP, the platform can be adapted to business needs and allows the potential to grow and adapt as the business evolves. KPMG Crimsonwing’s experience and knowledge of both eCommerce platforms and ERP software meant that the industrial floor manufacturer made the best choice for their IT solutions provider.

They chose KPMG Crimsonwing because of its outstanding reputation for complex international eCommerce projects. “We needed a platform that was completely scalable and could be used in different languages for various countries. Therefore, Magento was the best solution that we could have opted for. With KPMG Crimsonwing as the leading Magento reseller in the UK at the time, and with the professional and convincing presentation of their solution and services at the pitch, we were confident that this was the best choice that we could have made. Also, KPMG Crimsonwing’s solution was also considerably cheaper than the other solution that we were considering.” explains Alex Barbier, Marketing Manager at the industrial floor manufacturer. With with an ever growing team of Magento Certified Developers, KPMG Crimsonwing is one of the largest Magento Gold Partners in Europe.

The solution

The re-launch of our three main websites has been probably the biggest marketing project that we’ve ever had to deal with. I can’t be more satisfied with the way that KPMG Crimsonwing handled and managed it.” said Alex Barbier.

KPMG Crimsonwing’s eBusiness Solutions Manager, David Simonds explains that “Having had many years of experience working with eCommerce platforms, we were immediately impressed with the Magento platform. Its functionality, flexibility and inherent low cost base appealed to KPMG Crimsonwing as we specialise in providing highly customised packages to meet client needs. Magento allows an organisation such as them to achieve excellent returns on investment, and concentrate their spending on achieving specific business goals, rather than the software that supports it.”

The industrial floor manufacturer chose Magento Enterprise as it provides commercial organisations with the best of both worlds: rich functionality with a rapidly growing feature set, with access to numerous add-ons to extend the solution’s functional footprint, but also with enterprise support and indemnification removing many of the perceived risks. In addition, this approach allowed them to achieve an excellent online presence and quicker ROI, when compared to other license based solutions, whilst they are still enjoying a support service provided by the software’s authors.

Magento has allowed the industrial floor manufacturer  to introduce business process change, to collate and centralise product information that has traditionally been stored offline and depended heavily on members of staff’s expertise. Information was duplicated within the organisation, with each country working as an independent silo. The new solution has collated this information centrally, allowing information to be re-used, increasing accuracy and productivity.

The Magento solution replaces a legacy website approach, whereby each country operated a standalone website, with no integration to their ERP system. The new site supports search engine optimisation (SEO), improving natural search results and thus visit numbers. It also removes the need for back office order re-keying, which increases accuracy and productivity and it introduces numerous user facing features to their online store.

The organisation also intends to evolve their offering over time, with more product information, problem solving wizards, additional value add tools and a refreshed design coming on stream in the second quarter of 2010. This will also see the provision YouTube videos, where their unique “How-To-Videos” will be hosted and made accessible for their customers. This will make the site more sticky and engaging.

KPMG Crimsonwing has provided the industrial floor manufacturer  with a number of essential functional features within the online shop, which highly increases the customer’s shopping experience. Such features are for example the seamless integration with their current ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This integration facilitates customer specific pricing. Customers have been provided with self service tools, and are now able to view their order history online and can print their invoices, which was not possible with the previous platform.

Moreover, before switching to the Magento Enterprise platform, the industrial floor manufacturer was using different systems for each of their country-specific websites. This implied a significantly higher cost as opposed to the Magento platform, which uses only a single system that has multi-lingual / multi-store functionality. Magento also allows business users to manage the site day to day with content, imagery and promotions all in the hands of internal marketers and administrators rather than external developers.

With the new solution, the company can offer its customers an unprecedented flexibility in the ordering of their products. They now have online promotions which can be timed and tailored to the customer. KPMG Crimsonwing has also provided them with a streamlined way of managing product data for inclusion in its offline brochures. Moreover, KPMG Crimsonwing is working on further functional enhancements to empower the customer even more in order to make an informed purchase decision.

Alex Barbier commented “We are very happy with the overall project and its implementation. Taking into consideration that this was a very big project, both parties encountered problems throughout the process which were however solved straight away. The KPMG Crimsonwing team was very responsive and well-organised; they were very keen and even worked at the weekends if necessary. The team was fantastic and their flexibility was incredible. It is notable that having a project manager is very valuable, especially if that person does not see everything from an IT perspective first, but from the business perspective in order to make the IT system fit the needs of the company. This was something that we have never experienced before with any other IT solution provider and it was greatly appreciated.

Business benefits

“With this new website we have already achieved our 3 months turnover target within the first month (+150% turnover growth compared to the same month last year)” stated Alex Barbier, which is a great achievement. After the implementation of the new web shop, the industrial floor manufacturer received significantly more unique visits, 68% more than in the same period last year. Overall visits to the site have also increased by 95%, and page views have shown an increase of 116% from last year’s figures. The time visitors spend on the new website has doubled and the number of pages viewed on average was improved by more than 11%. This has helped to double the numbers of orders per day taken online. The solution provides them with vastly increased web analytics, giving the industrial floor manufacturer’s marketers more intelligence about what their customers are doing online and allowing continuous improvement of the site’s offering. This leads to increased sales and better business performance.

Customers are now able to make a more informed purchase decision thanks to the added functionality and product details that is being provided, as well as self service tools for account based information.