The project

This well-known Italian skin care and cosmetics company commissioned KPMG Crimsonwing with the development of an eCommerce project, based on the Intershop Enfinity platform. The main aim of the project was to expand their operations on a global scale and to increase public awareness of their products on a global scale. The project went live in February 2010.

Client information

The company was founded in Milan in the mid 1970s, and it was immediately a revolution: on the strength of an innovative impulse, the brand quickly established itself in Italy and throughout the world as a symbol of professional makeup. The skin care and cosmetics company’s main drive comes from saying: you can do anything, if you do it with style. Their premium products are sought after by makeup aficionados, and the luxury products are generally distributed through specialist shops and makeup artist salons.

Background and Requirements

While the  skin care and cosmetics company’s products are well known amongst makeup artists, they wanted to increase their profile amongst the general public to broaden their reach. Since their products are only available in specialist shops, the company also wanted to satisfy the demand from consumers who knew about the products but did not have direct access to the stores. In addition, the company wanted a springboard to launch their products in countries where the brand has not got such a strong presence as in Italy yet.

A solution was required which show cased their makeup in a very precise manner. A highly informative detail page was needed which would allow the consumer to get a true indication of the product’s attributes and how to apply the product correctly. Therefore, true colour swatches were needed in the colour picker, as of course colour accuracy is a must in this business.

It should be noted that this project was carried out in cooperation with KPMG Crimsonwing’s Italian partner company Display, who are a specialist in online marketing and design.

The solution

KPMG Crimsonwing was entrusted with the development of the webshop which was initially released in two languages – Italian and English. The development team used the Intershop Enfinity eCommerce platform on a Windows Server and also integrated Adobe Scene7 for image handling and rendering. Adobe Scene7 is a market leader in high quality image management and the perfect solution for the  skin care and cosmetics company’s purposes.

Since there is no tangible experience of a product within the eBusiness retail environment, a webshop in the fashion and cosmetics industry must be highly visual and the product quality and attributes have to be promoted in a very different manner. Highly descriptive product detail pages needed to be created, with unparalleled image resolutions in order to permit the client to see the colour as well as the grain of the product. In addition, multiple cross and up selling facilities were created for related products, as in the makeup industry brand loyalty is high and customers are more likely to try out related products from the same product family.

Paynova, a trusted payment gateway, was integrated into the new website – increasing customer satisfaction due to its high security standards and very sophisticated anti-fraud tools.

KPMG Crimsonwing’s Project Manager, Ivan Carabott commented: “Our previous experience with working on eCommerce shops for fashion brands has taught us that innovation, attention to detail and focus on the customer experience are what delivers dividends. In the constantly changing world of e-commerce this is no mean feat, but together with our partners Display we have managed to achieve this through this site“.

Business benefits

With more than 10 years of experience with the Intershop Enfinity platform, KPMG Crimsonwing was an excellent choice as solutions provider, bringing the needed product knowledge as well as a highly skilled and dedicated team to the project. In addition to that, KPMG Crimsonwing has gained specialist experience for projects within the fashion industry through several other clients for which solutions have been successfully implemented.

As a direct result of the implementation of Intershop Enfinity for the  skin care and cosmetics company’s webshop, the solution immediately created an international platform for the products and also provided the company with an additional channel to market. The platform is highly suitable to promote new products as well as the latest and seasonal collections. Through greater exposure of the brand, awareness for the products increased in line with augmented brand awareness.