Take control of the rules of your business

Businesses are run on rules and for your own business you make them. In any company, rules define how you interact with prospects and customers, and these rules change as your relationships change.

With these business rules in place, lots of your processes can be automated. For example, when and to whom automated email communications are sent out to, when notifications should be flagged up to account managers to take actions, and how to handle the general billing and invoicing for all your different client segments.

With the Business Rule Engine you can really take control: easily modify your day-to-day business rules as and when you require, and adapt to changes rapidly, all without needing development expertise. Changing business rules is typically a complex process that requires an expert with programming skills and access to the Microsoft Dynamics AX code. Though, the Business Rule Engine allows your users to make rapid changes to your business rules within the engine – without having to interfere with any coding. Easy!

Why we love Business Rule Engine

The Business Rule Engine can make your business more agile, empower your people and reduce your development costs.

  • Central validation of data
  • Automation of many of your day-to-day activities
  • Transparent arrangement of business processes
  • Flexibility in the application of business processes
  • Optimum support for customer-oriented employees
  • Business rules automatically converted during upgrades of Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Brief implementation time and therefore a lower total cost of ownership

KPMG Crimsonwing + Business Rule Engine

Back in 2007, we implemented a complex vertical industry solution for the Dutch federation of equestrian sports . During the requirements analysis, we found that they had very complex and specific business rules that needed to be applied to processes, which went well beyond the capabilities of the standard Microsoft package. Hence, they needed a specific solution that would allow them to define their very own set of business rules.

So the KPMG Crimsonwing team created a stand-alone extension, the Business Rule Engine, which we’ve since implemented in a number of projects to great success.