Boost your cash flow

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At KPMG Crimsonwing, we often work with companies that have strict requirements for their financial systems and how payments are handled. To help optimise financial processes, we’re offering an ERP extension for internet banking, called FiNBOX, which can greatly improve your cash flow.

FiNBOX is a Microsoft Dynamics AX extension that allows you to digitise your invoices and transmit them directly to your customers’ online bank accounts. Using FiNBOX can improve your cash flow by making it easy for customers to pay quickly. Microsoft Dynamics AX can be completely integrated with FiNBOX, giving you the ability to reach all of your internet banking customers via Dynamics AX.

Why we love FiNBOX

This great extension for Microsoft Dynamics AX offers lots of benefits:

  • Invoices are paid quicker
  • Simplification of your administration process
  • Less costs related to traditional invoicing
  • Eco-friendly, paperless invoicing
  • Easy integration to your back-end system

KPMG Crimsonwing + FiNBOX

In The Netherlands in 2008, three major banks formed an initiative, introducing a new payment method enabling invoices to be received via internet banking. As part of this initiative, KPMG Crimsonwing developed the internet banking extension for a quick and easy connection between the digital invoices and Microsoft Dynamics AX.