Integrate your legacy system and streamline your processes with Interface Portal

After having made quite a commitment by investing in Microsoft Dynamics AX, you’ll of course want to make this worthwhile. Thus, it only makes sense to route all of your data and processes through this powerful platform. However, you might want to keep some of your legacy systems, as they are firmly embedded within your everyday procedures. But even these legacy and non-standard systems benefit from integration with your Microsoft Dynamics AX solution – a process that can save you time and money in great measure by improving efficiency.

Service plan & SLA

KPMG Crimsonwing offers professional services through our support desk. To meet your service and support requirements, we can also offer tailored SLA agreements.

Within the Interface Portal SLA, we offer a subscription to our service plan. This service plan will be drawn up together with your organisation and will include support during incidents, response time and other desired forms of support.

For any question about the technical support we offer, please call our help desk in the Netherlands: (+31) (0)35 655 44 77.


Interface Portal is available and can be supported for all current Microsoft Dynamics AX versions from AX 2012 R2. Interface Portal will follow the Statement of Direction for the Microsoft Dynamics AX product that your solution is built on. If you are already using Interface Portal together with a current Microsoft Dynamics AX solution, and would like to upgrade to a newer version of Microsoft Dynamics AX, KPMG Crimsonwing will provide you with a compatible version of Interface Portal.

Support for Interface Portal will be made available for any organisation with an SLA agreement and working with a product hat is still actively supported by Microsoft.


Do you have any technical questions regarding regarding Interface Portal? Take a look at the Interface Portal FAQ .

  • With questions regarding our technical support and/or customized SLA agreements, please call our helpdesk in the Netherlands at op (+31) (0)35 655 44 77 our fill out our contact form
The Interface Portal makes it possible to create effective couplings between your existing systems and your Dynamics AX solution. The Interface Portal is capable of fixing different document structures and couples them to the data structure of Microsoft Dynamics AX. This means it simply translates your data for you and makes it usable across platforms, saving you time and greatly reducing the risk of duplication and human error. The Portal can be used as an interface tool for incoming and outgoing messages, but it’s also a good solution for a phased migration to Microsoft Dynamics AX if you want to take it slowly.

Why Interface Portal?

  • Has Microsoft Dynamics at its core
  • Is particularly suitable if you want to take a phased approach to your Dynamics AX migration process
  • Is a comprehensive tool for incoming and outgoing messages
  • Couple all your legacy systems together without major investment
  • Easy mapping of various file formats
  • Clear monitoring and logging for better visibility

  • For more information about Interface Portal you can contact our sales representatives in the Netherlands at(+31) (0)35 655 44 33, or fill out our contact form.