Deliver the best experience to your customers

All websites aim to be compelling, engaging and easy to use. The “out of the box” functionality of Magento goes a long way towards providing a good customer experience by making use of tried and tested methods for the basic functions of a shopping transaction.

But the challenge is to elevate your eCommerce business from good to exceptional by fine-tuning it to meeting the specific needs of your customers. We call this process “customer experience optimisation”. This is an on-going process based upon continuous improvement as you adapt to meeting evolving needs.

Using your data to optimise your online store performances

Our preferred method for optimising the customer experience is based upon continual live A-B testing of changes to the website and evaluating them through Google Analytics to see which option is most effective in terms of key web metrics such as:

  • Abandonment rate
  • Time spent on page
  • Conversion rate
  • Page flow

The customer experience optimisation method is one of iterative improvement and is effective because it is driven by real life behaviour, rather than what people think they want. It also has the attraction of enabling a website to evolve to meet the unique needs of your customers and optimised to your range of products.

KPMG Crimsonwing’s experience of eCommerce and our expertise in analysing Google Analytics data enables us to advise client’s on areas that offer room for improvement and suggesting potential enhancements.

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