Attract more visitors to your online store

The best eCommerce site in the world is of little use if it is not fed with a substantial flow of quality inbound traffic. The conversion rate for typical eCommerce websites is between 1% and 5%, so if you plan to process hundreds of orders a day you require many thousands of visitors.

The problem is that every other website has the same challenge and is bombarding your audience with messages aiming to generate website traffic on to their site. The challenge is similar to getting noticed in a crowd, when everyone is shouting to attract attention. We refer to this challenge to “being heard among the crowd”.

Online traffic generation

Our job is to work with you to design a traffic generation scheme that delivers the required amount of traffic at a cost that is consistent with your profit margins.

There are various mechanisms that you can utilise to make sure you are heard and generate website traffic. They all have a cost, either explicit where you pay a fee for inbound traffic, or implied based upon the effort required to make them effective. The mechanisms include:

  • natural search engine results (in principle free but actually hard won by investing effort and resource in great content, SEO and blogging)
  • pay per click (in particular Google Adwords )
  • social media (Facebook, Google+ Twitter and Pinterest)
  • Google shopping listings
  • re-targeted advertising (online ads that seem to follow on the web)

In a typical project, we work with our clients to fully understand your product range, customer set and the online marketplace you will be competing in. We would then define a structured campaign for traffic generation with clear targets and assist you in implementing the campaign. Then, most importantly, we would monitor the campaign using a tool like Google Analytics to fine tune it based upon actual customer acquisition costs to optimise results.

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