End-to-end Magento integration

One the four critical components of a successful Magento Enterprise solution is what we refer to as “friction-free transactions”. By this we mean critically analysing the complete life cycle of a customer purchase transaction, from searching for a product right through to delivery. This way you can ensure that at all points along the way any superfluous friction is removed from the transaction.

Much can be achieved by implementing an effective method for navigating the product catalogue and honing the checkout process. But these improvements are simple in comparison with providing effective and friction-free integration with existing ERP systems. With the emergence of multi-channel relationships with customers, it becomes even more important for all channels to share the same core business processes for processing customer orders, regardless of which channel they came from.

Unless you are a web-only retailer, you will almost certainly have in place existing systems for managing inventory, processing orders and dispatching goods. And even if you are a web-only retailer, the order processing functionality within Magento is not efficient enough to handle substantial order volumes.

ERP integration

KPMG Crimsonwing has over 14 years of experience of integrating eCommerce systems with ERP systems. Whilst there are many different possible levels of integration it is unlikely that we do not have previous experience of the approach that suits your business.

Key functions most businesses require are:

  • providing Magento with timely data about inventory availability that reflects free stock, taking account of commitments made through other sales channels
  • injecting Magento orders into a shared order processing stream, so that orders can be picked, packed and dispatched along with orders from other channels
  • providing customers with timely visibility of the status of their order, even though it is being processed within another system

We are expert at designing and building a cost-effective solution that delivers the functionality and timeliness required by your business environment.

Successful Magento integration demands technical expertise in both Magento and the technology of the ERP solution. With a team of over 250 developers, who are experts in a wide range of technologies we are able to easily assemble a team with the right mix of skills to resource your Magento integration project.

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