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Magento Enterprise is a powerful and versatile eCommerce platform enabling many of the world’s most successful online retailers deliver a great experience to their customers.

With endless features and functionality, Magento is the fastest-growing eCommerce platform in the world. As well as offering all the tools your business needs and more, Magento Enterprise only costs a fraction of competing enterprise solutions – bonus!

Why we love Magento

  • Tonnes of features and functionality: Magento Enterprise comes loaded with almost everything you need to operate a successful online shop. And it continues to grow through their vast open source community, as technology enables new functionality..
  • Extensive APIs: Or Application Programming Interfaces in non-tech-speak. That means we can seamlessly integrate Magento with your back-end systems. This will provide you and your customers with an end-to-end solution, which makes life a lot easier. We specialise in B2B, in fact we love it, which usually means integration is a key part of our projects.

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  • Easily customisable and extensible: You know your business is special, so why not reflect that in your online shop and provide your customers with an ideal experience? Let us customise Magento to reflect the needs of your brand and day-to-day operations.

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  • Cost-effective eCommerce: With Magento being an open source platform, you get all the features you need, without the high licence cost attached to it.

We know Magento inside and out: Having developed Magento solutions for clients in multiple countries and diverse industries, we know the potential of the software and how to make it work for you.

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To find out more about Magento Enterprise, or for a full list of functionality, please feel free to read our Magento brochure as well as the latest Magento features list:

Key features of Magento Enterprise

  • Multi-store, multi-language and multi-currency
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Flexible product catalogue rules
  • Rich Merchandising Suite – delivers personalised and targeted offers
  • Comprehensive back-office administration, including order control, shipping rules, invoicing and customer service
  • SEO friendly by default

KPMG Crimsonwing + Magento

KPMG Crimsonwing is a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner. Our team of Magento developers is one of the largest in Europe, with more than 25 certified developers. We have the expertise to deliver advanced end-to-end solutions to complex challenges – including back-end systems integration and international roll-outs.

At KPMG Crimsonwing we are much more than just Magento experts. We have a holistic view of technology in business, and help our clients benefit from the latest, most suitable technology for their specific requirements. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor platforms to suit our clients’ needs – and not vice versa.