Are you confident that your Magento webshop is 100% effective?

Magento is recognised by many as being affordable and relatively easy to implement a simple site with modest transaction volumes. But it is important to recognise Magento is still a sophisticated platform. It is highly sensitive to being carefully set up if you need to achieve higher transaction volumes and deliver a great user experience. Whilst the “out of the box” shopping cart and checkout provides the functionality required to complete purchases, further can be done to reduce checkout abandonments.
You can check whether you could be getting more out of your Magento system with KPMG Crimsonwing’s impartial and independent Magento Health Check.

The topics that a normal health check covers has two components:

Commercial Review

  • Does the shop have a compelling online proposition that does not rely on low prices?
  • Are the webpages named and marked up to achieve optimal ranking in search engines?
  • Is effective use made of paid search and Google shopping?
  • Is there a blog with an effective content strategy?
  • Does the product naming methodology lend itself to SEO?
  • Are product descriptions unique and of high quality?
  • Are product images of high quality and sufficient quantity?
  • Does the checkout design conform to latest best practice on minimising abandonment?
  • Does the information provided by the seller reassure nervous potential buyers?
  • Does the shop deploy initiatives to build customer loyalty?
  • Does the shop engage in intelligent dialogue with consumers?

Technical Review

  • Magento code review
  • Magento configuration review
  • Page load time, focusing on: Home Page, Category Pages, Search Page, Product Detail Page, Basket
  • Third party integration review
  • Environment review – looking at application and database, hosting environment, third party services
  • Review of the hits on the site from the access logs
  • Review of errors generated on webserver logs
  • Review of Magento log files
Our technical experts will analyse the system in detail to determine incorrect configurations, code bottlenecks and inefficiencies that may be hampering performance and create a plan of recommendations to resolve.
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Why KPMG Crimsonwing?

KPMG Crimsonwing is a major Magento Enterprise Partner with one the largest Magento development shops around staffed by over 30 Magento Accredited technicians. We have been a Magento partner for many years and our extensive experience building successful Magento solutions for all sizes of business means that that there is probably little in the Magento world  that we haven’t experienced.

What do we cover?

Our objective is to maximise the commercial success of your web shop. Whilst our health check is technical in nature our focus is always on issues related to generating more revenue and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How do I proceed?

If you would like to discuss a health check for your Magento platform and find out more about pricing, please fill out the form below.