Creating new possibilities with novel technologies

At KPMG Crimsonwing, we encourage our staff to think radically about the challenges in front of them. We also invest heavily in staff training to ensure our thinking is at the forefront of IT development. Our R&D team consists of our brightest and most experienced technologists – who all have 10+ years experience, a solid academic foundation and the freedom of technology independence.

KPMG Crimsonwing’s most recent R&D success is the creation of the world’s first Maltese Speech Synthesiser, which has already been widely adopted. Previous R&D projects were for clients including Lloyds Register, Clear Channel, Trafigura, Perperitus, General Soft Drinks, Falzon Group and MITA.

The KPMG Crimsonwing R&D team introduces new technologies to the company after thorough research and testing. We also contribute to academia and open source communities. Our areas of interest are in distributed computing/high performance computing, AI, scripting, optimisation of scheduling tasks, and visualisation.

We currently also do mobile development for iPhone, Android and Windows operating systems.

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The Maltese speech synthesiser

Perhaps one of our most ambitious custom development project: creating the world’s first ever speech synthesiser for the complex Maltese language.

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