Which platform will deliver results for your business?

Choosing the right technology is the first major challenge of any project. If you are considering your ERP or eCommerce options, we can help you explore the benefits of different solutions. Our expertise covers a number of eCommerce platforms and the Microsoft Dynamics range of ERP solutions.

Starting with a technical feasibility assessment, we determine your requirements and match them to the most suitable platform. The next step is a detailed analysis to ensure the platform is a good fit for your business. Have a read about our project approach.

At KPMG Crimsonwing, we combine technological expertise with a thorough understanding of business requirements and industry sectors. We then apply this in a way that lets you improve your business performance, i.e. increased efficiency and sales, responsiveness to market threats and opportunities etc. We have a number of specific industry solutions, so we’re well placed to help you understand the potential benefits and implications of your technology choices.

Factors to consider

  • your market and industry
  • overall cost of ownership and budget
  • time to market
  • migration requirements for current technology deployed
  • systems integration needs
  • scalability
  • your in-house skills and resources

Platforms we provide