Be in safe hands

At KPMG Crimsonwing, all of our projects are built using proven methodologies to ensure successful project delivery. Our processes have evolved with our experience to ensure the requirements gathering and delivery phases are as fast as possible, while making sure there are no surprises later in the project. Making sure all of our work is of good quality and following industry standards is at the core of everything we do.

Depending on the nature of your project, eCommerce or ERP, we will follow the most suitable approach to ensure a smooth and successful delivery. For our eCommerce projects we can either adopt a Waterfall, Agile or Scrum approach, whereas for our ERP implementations, we use Sure Step.

But regardless of the exact methodology, there are always a number of underlying steps and activities that we focus on getting right first time:

  • Business requirements analysis: This is the most important phase, during which your business requirements are established and documented during workshops, and the shape of the solution is agreed.
  • Technical analysis: We produce a technical integration document and establish firm estimates for performing technical tasks. We also produce standard project control documents, such as project plans, risk and issue registers at this stage.
  • Development initiation: We then begin producing themes, templates and blue-prints for your solution. This is then tested by you, so you can identify any gaps or issues, leading to a further iteration. This can happen while technical development continues, to ensure you get early visibility of your solution.
  • Build step: Custom code is developed, interfaces to third party systems set-up, and third party components tested and plugged in. We will also produce training guides and documentation for you.
  • User acceptance testing: You have the opportunity to identify any bugs, usability issues or potential changes before releasing the site.
  • Go-live: Your system is moved from development to operational environment with a detailed implementation plan being prepared and executed. We will now do a full handover to the support team for your ongoing systems support.