Your very own near-shore development team in Malta

We all know how crucial skilled people are to the success of your IT projects – no matter if that’s in-house or outsourced. Yet those people are scarce and costly, and often times you end up wishing you had more control over the project team. Sounds familiar?

The YourTeam concept from KPMG Crimsonwing offers a great alternative. YourTeam is a hybrid outsourcing concept that we have perfected over the years. It means that we can source your IT team on your behalf, handpicking the right individuals with the skills you require. YourTeam is based in our offices in Malta but under your complete direct control. That way you have your own near-shore expert team, but without all the hassle of infrastructure and admin.

As the largest IT employer in Malta, KPMG Crimsonwing has been working with remote teams for over 15 years to deliver projects for our international clients. We have invested in the processes, systems and techniques of remote working to become very efficient, nimble and productive with our Solution Centre in Malta.

How YourTeam works

  • It’s simple: you tell us the skills you need, we shortlist suitable candidates in Malta, you interview them, meet the finalists in person and then decide who you want on your team
  • Running YourTeam: for you it’s like running any other development team in your company. They work under your guidance, using your systems, processes and tools, and they report directly to you
  • The world’s your oyster: you show them what to do, monitor their work, provide guidance and help them when they have difficulties, just like they are part of your company
  • Let us do the admin: back office functions are fully managed by our HR, Finance, Administration and Support professionals. We do regular reviews to keep you updated on their performance

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The beauty of Malta

Malta offers an attractive cost structure, high skills availability, excellent connectivity and a beautiful environment to live and work in. Malta is easily accessible, being only a 4h flight away from London. With their time zone just 1 hour ahead of GMT, YourTeam is working when you are.

Malta’s history is intertwined with British culture, so there is a high degree of mutual understanding between our nations, which supports positive working relationships between you and YourTeam.

YourTeam costs

The normal contract term is 3 years and the charging structure is open, simple and affordable. You pay the salaries, local taxes and benefits, a fee for the office space and environment and a management fee. We invoice you at the beginning of the month and use the funds to pay YourTeam’s salaries at the end of the month. Easy!